We are experts in designing and developing content strategies and solutions to meet your specific needs. This includes technical content, from user guides to release documentation to training content. We can also craft customer, stakeholder, and employee-focused content, such as newsletters, social media, and infographics.


Let us help you adopt Service Design to identify new opportunities, and develop the right solutions your customers value. Our years of experience in service design can help you implement these skills in your organization, through custom workshops, or as consultants on specific projects – where you need to take your project from ideation through test and implementation. We can work collaboratively with your staff to leverage the tools of service design, or be a facilitator for you, ensuring that your teams can focus on participating in the meetings.

Business Requirements

We can gather and document your business requirements for any project, ensuring your business and operational needs are properly identified and documented in a way that technical staff can produce great results. We speak the language of business and of technology!


Supporting organizations to develop meaningful and impactful strategies. This can be done for entire organizations, individual departments, specific products and services, or to start exploring what’s next for your organization. We can help you identify your strategic direction through a facilitated process, and even help you take a specific strategy and turn it into action.

Learning/Training Systems

We can create a learning strategy and custom content across a wide range of areas. We are experienced creators, who know how to take complex information and make it simple and effective. Learning solutions can be developed for online use, or live in-person workshops, and are created specifically for you and your needs. Workshops can be facilitated by us, or we can work with you to develop a train-the-trainer approach.

Change Management

Change can be difficult, but it can also be impactful and transformative. There is no need to be afraid of change management! No matter how large or small a change you are considering (launching a new program, organizational redesign), we can call upon our 30+ years of Leadership, Change Management, and HR experience to support you from planning through implementation. Change is inevitable, planning change should be too!

Process Design

Need an outsider’s perspective to assist you in identifying and mapping your current state, and helping your organization’s SMEs identify the right future state? We can lead process design sessions, offer support as additional process resources on a project, or take a project end-to-end.